Pricing and Polices

​​​​​​Music Lessons Barrie reserves their right to change their pricing and policies at any give time, at which time students will be asked to sign a new agreement form.  

By signing this form, the student assumes any risk and takes full responsibility and waives any claims of personal injury, death or damage to personal property associated with Music Lessons Barrie lessons and events.  By submitting the registration form and agreeing to the Pricing and Policies as outlined on the website, students understand they have given up all considerable future legal rights and is proof of their intention to execute a complete and unconditional waiver and release of all liability to the full extent of the law.

Lesson Cancellation/Make-Up Policy

1. Cancellation of a lesson must be made AT LEAST 24 hours prior to the scheduled lesson time in order to receive a make-up lesson.

2. No shows or failure to notify the studio/teacher within 24 hours is considered a forfeited lesson.

3. Students are allowed no more than 1 make-up lesson per semester (Semester 1 runs from September to January, Semester 2 runs from January to the end of June) that includes missed lessons due to illness and/or cancelling a lesson 24 hours in advance for any other reason. If you have been in close contact with someone with covid we ask you move to online lessons for two weeks following the contact. Also if you are traveling you must do online lessons for two weeks after.

4. Make-up lessons are required to be completed within the semester and are not carried forward into subsequent semesters.

5. Additional lessons will be given in the case of teacher absences or weather related cancellations (ie snow days).


Lesson Scheduling Policy

1. Music Lessons Barrie offers a one-time free trial lesson to prospective students.

2. Students can sign up for lessons at any time throughout the year.

3. Students agree to keep the lesson day/time booked upon registration.

4. Music Lessons Barrie works on a semester basis (Semester 1 runs from September to the end of December, Semester 2 runs from January to the  end of June) We ask that you stay for the whole semester and give us one months notice if you have to cancel.

Private Lessons

1. Students are required to pay the same price for lessons each month.

2. The below prices apply to all instruments.  There is no tax on music lessons.

            30min - $29.00 - $116 per month
            60min - $58.00 - $232.00 per month

Payment Options

  1. A $20 administration fee will be charged per student/family per year to cover the administrative cost, photocopies and other lesson related material the student requires during their first few lessons.  Additional lesson material costs will be added to student accounts as required.
  2. Payments can be made per month (1st of the month), per semester (Semester 1 - September to the end of December, Semester 2 – January to the end of June) or annually (from September to the end of June).  Payments can be made via cheque, cash or eTransfer.  Cheques can be made out to Music Lessons Barrie. A series of post dated cheques for the first of each month can also be provided per semester or for the full year. NSF cheques will be charged a $20 service fee.  If you need to cancel we will refund your cheques with two weeks notice.  Cash can be paid in advance of your first lesson or on the 1st of each month.  eTransfers can be sent to
  3. Invoices will be sent out as required (monthly, per semester, annually) as a reminder as to when fees are due.
  4. All lesson fees are due in advance of your first lesson or on the 1st of each month.
  5. There are no refunds on unused or cancelled lessons.

Photograph – Release Agreement

I consent to the use of my name, portrait, picture or photograph, in material for Music Lessons Barrie as well as the name(s), portrait, picture or photograph of my offspring.

Publications include but are not limited to brochures, advertising and digital platforms including, www. and facebook.  The time of any portrait, picture or photograph release will be dependent on when the material is needed to be used.

The photos will be used on the platforms described above to help serve the following main purposes:

  1. Build awareness of Music Lessons Barrie programs and facility (support advertising)
  2. Help to acquire new students.
  3. Encourage existing students to return to both schools for study.

I understand that I shall have no claim against Music Lessons Barrie or against anyone accessing the platforms and publications, whether online or in print.

To book a lesson please call 705-321-5294 or email